Leading Architects, Interior Designers, Specialists as visiting faculty.Guest lectures from industry professionals from across the globe.Visual teaching aids, visits to sites followed by critic sessions and hight stress on Art and Design. Stimulation of real world problem solving exercise in classroom. Special subjects as EDP (Entrepreneur Development Program) and PDP (Personality Development Program). Regular industry interactions in order to keep students aware of the emerging trends and technologies. Enhancing presentation skills of students. Career placing programs with mentro. Free speech activites, mock sessions and interactive sessions. Industry oriented teaching. Restricted students per class with 15:1student teacher ratio. Strong internship program through professional firms. Training on live projects. Mock interview sessions to prepare candidates for interviews. Placements with well-known corporate houses and design firms.

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    & Design
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    Experience in
  • Our Mantra
    "Learning by Doing"
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    Revised Contents
  • Training by
    Industry Expert
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    & Placement
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